Durbanville Folk Music Society (Durbanville Folk Club)
Steve Newman (RSA)
Shawn Phillips (USA)
Magna Carta (UK)
Silver Creek Mountain Band
Reg Meuross (UK)
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Doc Maclean (USA/CAN)


The Durbanville Folk Music Society or commonly known as The Durbanville Folk Club is a privately owned non-profit society, established early in 2008. The Durbanville Folk Club is the brain child of music entrepreneur /dj  Eugene Lebreton who has a passion for folk and acoustic music. He is also serving as chairman.


The Durbanville Folk Club is the only folk and acoustic music club in Durbanville, and monthly performances are hosted at Villa Pascal Guest House and Theatre.


Aims and Purpose

The main purpose of the Durbanville Folk Club is to provide a platform to singers-songwriters in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs (Durbanville) to showcase original music of an acoustic nature, to promote innovative and diverse acoustic musicians from all over the world, to the sharing of knowledge, styles, techniques and performance space with our local performers.


Past musicians include Steve Newman ( RSA) , Bill Knight (RSA), Shawn Phillips (USA) , Magna Carta (UK), Andrew McSweeney (Aus), Meerstraat Gypsies (Belgium), Louisiana Mud Shack (New Orleans USA), Guy Buttery (RSA), Nibs van der Spuy (RSA), the late Syd Kitchen (RSA),Silver Creek Mountain Band (RSA),Tony Cox (RSA), Reg Meuross (UK), Doc Maclean (USA/CAN)


The Club often feature musicians from The Barley Corn Folk Club-Cape Town; The Cottage Club-Fishhoek; Pittsburgh Folk Club -USA; South Coast Folk Club -South Australia; and Four Winds Folk Club-Port Elizabeth.


Basic membership fee is R100 per year. The benefit of being a member is that Members only pay R30 on regular folk nights, and R100 for main events.  Non -members pay R50 per regular folk evening and full price for main events. Corporate memberships options are also available. 



We are looking for volunteers to would like to serve on the management committee, and assist with promotion, ticket sales and scouting new talent.

Another fantastic evening with Reg on his second visit to Villa Pascal and Durbanville Folk Club on 4 March 2017
The return of the Doc. This Delta Blues Man will be visiting on 1 December. Bookings now open
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